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Why Run for Charity?

People sign up for road races for a number of different reasons. Some run for fun, some run for health, some run to prove to themselves that they can accomplish their goals, but others run for charity. Many charitable organizations across the country and across the world are focusing on annual or semi-annual runs as a great source of community exposure, fundraising, and information-raising for their respective interests. So how can running help your favorite social cause or charity event?
Get the word out. Large road race events gather a lot of attention. Not only are community members likely to participate, many more people are likely to visit the event as a spectator, see coverage on the news, or talk about the event with friends and family. This provides a great opportunity for the issue to be discussed and brought to the attention of the public. The All Cancers Suck race calls attention to every kind of cancer—reminding everyone who sees the event that we are still not where we need to be in terms of cancer research. While most people recognize this as true, everyone needs a little reminder.
Raise money. Ever wonder what those registration fees cover? While some of the fees cover the cost of space, award packets, and logistical features such as security and trash cleanup, some go toward the cause. By participating, you are directly contributing to a great cause!
Spread information. There is a lot more happening at most races than just running or walking! Sponsors, vendors, and community participants come out for the special events and work to spread useful information to the public. For some events, this could be information on health screenings, free services, or support systems available. We make it our mission to provide the best information that we possibly can while we have so many participants and supporters there to benefit!
Attract sponsors. The final benefit of a charity run is to attract the attention and donation of sponsors. Many corporate business interests have funds available for good causes, but are just looking for a place to spend those funds! By organizing or participating in a charity run, you can help attract the interest of these organizations, helping to fund research, support, or increased awareness of the issue at hand.

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